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046 2005 champ impresionPaul Arden – Sexyloops Founder:
I’m very impressed with the S1 bike, it’s is mobile and has huge potential to give excellent control during fishing. I think this could become my first choice craft for fishing in many circumstances.

Djordje Andjelkovic – IFFF MCI THCI, Barrio line developer – Nis Serbia:
Very useful and practical accessory for fly fishing!

Thomas Berggren – IFFF/EFFA MCI, THCI, MCCI – Master Certified Casting Instructor, Lilla Malma Fishery: This Waterbike is something completely different. It has all the good characteristics as the regular boat and belly boat, but not the same disadvantages.

Veljko Andric – Loop Pro Staff, EFFA – Certified Casting Instructor, Serbia: Definitely it is something special, I would not change anything on it, definitely in my taste!

Lucian Vasies – FFF CI, National Fly fishing and fly-tying contests organizer, promoter of the main portal for flyfishing in Romania: flytying.ro  Last time that I try it, I had only compliments. This waterbike doesn’t induce back pains or body stress, any 60 years old flyfisherman can have a pleasurable fishing session.

Adrian Vlasiu – Romania fly-fishing champion in 2005 and 2008, 2009: Impressive. Excellent control at all times whatever the wind conditions. A good casting position.

Florin Ghimisliu – Romania Fly-fishing champion, 2007: Forget inflatable boats or kayaks, nothing compares with this handsfree steering and sharp maneuverability.

Aurelian Chira – Romania fly-fishing champion, 2006: A very good, light boat, very good for fishing – the best boat for fly-fishing.

Dan Pavaloiu – National TV fishing and nature managing editor: It’s excellent for fly-fishing and enjoyable, everything a fisherman could ask for, with perfect steering and control.

Dan Curean – National TV camera man: It offers a good mobile platform for filming in unusual conditions. I’d never thought of this before.