Paul Arden


Paul Arden – Sexyloops founder, invited instructor to Muscarici Fly Casting Days edition 8-th, August 2015, Riul Mare Retezat, Romania.

When, where and how many times did you have the occasion to try the S1waterbike?
I tried the S1 waterbike in Romania for the first time a few weeks ago.

What is your general impression given by S1waterbike compared to the boats used before?
I’m very impressed with the S1 bike, it’s is mobile and has huge potential to give excellent control during fishing. I think this could become my first choice craft for fishing in many circumstances.

Did you notice improvements in fishing/casting with the S1waterbike?
I’m used to fishing from a kayak. The main advantage of a kayak is its ability to move between locations quickly. But when it comes to fishing it is very difficult to manoeuvre and fish simultaneously.

How does the S1waterbike works for you?
I think it has a lot of potential.

Would you choose the S1waterbike from other boats in the same price category?
As a luxury item or for a specific need – yes. But right now I need a tinny and outboard for Malaysia. If I had a water bike there I would still need a boat to move between locations.

What do you think it should be done in order to improve the product?
Make an attachment to existing pontoon boats. That’s a no brainer. Next you could develop the complete bike you have to have pockets, bungee attachments etc for fishing. You could have a clip on line tray/bucket for example. A net holder. Drogue attachment etc etc etc.
Also I would change the pedals to clip on. But that’s easy.

How do you see the future for the S1waterbike?
Great if you can get the attachment going. That’s a ready market and it’s much easier to drop a couple of hundred bucks (or whatever) on an attachment to your favourite tube than 1000 euros for a new platform.
Being able to travel in both directions really lifts the pontoon boat to a new level.

Tha’s just my experience and thoughts.
Cheers, Paul