Lucian Vasies

Luci testeaza s1

Lucian Vasies – FFF CI, National flytying and flyfishing contests organizer, winner of many prizes in national competitions, promoter of the main flyfishing portal in Romania .

Did you have the occasion to try the S1waterbike?

Lucian Vasies
Yes, I’ve tested it twice .The first time was 3 years ago. I’ve used it in the lake session of the National Finals on Belis lake in Apuseni mountains. The second time, was in the summer of 2007 when I used it in arbitration.

What is your general impression given by the S1waterbike compared to the boats used before?

Last time when I tested it, I had only best word to say. First the excellent maneuverability in fishing, then the incredible comfort in movement and fishing, you can’t compare it with any other boat. The seating position is good and comfortable, you don’t get tired pedaling despite the speed, you can turn around and set your position very easily, quick and efficient. Plus you don’t need to row or to steer, you have your hands free for casting or drinking a beer or juice – in the case that fish don’t byte. Another important thing is that this waterbike doesn’t stress your body and specially your back. At average boats you need to row and because of your lower position, after a while, your back starts to be in pain. In time, that pain becomes unbearable, taking out all your fishing pleasure. With this waterbike I’m sure that any 60 years old or more, fly-fisherman can have a satisfying session as in the youth time.

Where did you use the S1waterbike?

I use it only on mountains lakes, but I am curious on how it works on field rivers.

Did you notice improvements in fishing and catches with the S1 waterbike?

In fishing, it is a saying, you must keep the fly as much as you can on the water. With this waterbike you have your hands free for fishing, as I said, you don’t need to row and steer. You turn around and cast, the waterbike moves where you want it using only the pedal system. I can guarantee that any fisherman will catch easily, will cast better ( because the high position of the seat above the water ).

How does the S1waterbike perform in competitions?

Excellent, it has a good speed, it is silent, maneuverable and comfortable. It has a high position of the seat, that gives better and precise casting, better position for observing the good places. And it is a energy efficient boat, takes no more energy than walking into a park.

Would you choose the S1waterbike among other boats at the same prices?


What do you think it should be done in order to improve the product?

It is stable, maneuverable  and pleasant in usage. The fly-fishermen are like Spartans, they have all they need on their waists or their clothing, but for spinning or those who want to use it for leisure, a comfort kit will be good, a rod fixing system, a place for storing things without getting wet, a drink store place, maybe.

How do you see the future for the S1waterbike?

It is a good quality product, innovative and useful. I’m sure that it will have lot of fans on the market.