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S1waterbike new testing

One prototype of S1waterbike is now at Thomas Berggren for further testing. This autumn we shall reconsider all aspects of the project. We have to relocate the production and see the future for this project, targeting the scandinavian market.

With Lupsa TrackTrans support last night the S1 prototype arrived in Nykoping, Sweden. So today Thomas will assemble the S1 in his fishery and the things are on tracks.

The idea is to evaluate the project considering the Scandinavian market,
I shall keep you informed,  

Long time, no see

Picture 5

Some good news to share, we bought a new testing location at the edge of Retezat Mountains ( 2500 alt. the highest peak ), a place with many lakes, glacier lakes, and mountain streams.

The place is still in changes, but we shall have there a small fleet of S1waterbikes for fishing, testing, etc.

The property is 1600 sqm, with a nice house from 1920, 3 rooms, a huge wooden barn; at the edge of Clopotiva village. A place to fish, rest and enjoy life.

The first S1 is in place! ( image from Gura Apei lake, the Ses river entrance )


S1waterbike a presence in Muscarici Fly Casting Days edition 8


S1waterbike was a presence in MCD 8 held in June 2015 in Retezat Mountains, Romania.

Here you have some infromation about the event:

Muscarici Fly Casting Days – edition 8, is part of a series of Fly Casting events held with certified casting instructors in Romania since 2010.
The edition 8 took place in Retezat Mountains, western part of Romania – at Dumbravita Pension on June 26- 28, 2015.
The event was open to every fly fisherman, beginner or advanced caster, for one hand or double hand gear.

Invited instructors and guests are:
Paul Arden – Sexyloops founder (UK)
Thomas Berggren MCI THCI IFFF (SE)
Djordje Andjelkovic MCI THCI IFFF (SRB)
Sasa Zec CI EFFA (SRB)
Paul Sas CI EFFA (RO)

3 days dedicated to casting techniques: Demos, Workshops, Casting clinic, Gear presentation and gear tests, Conferences about developing gear.
3 working sections: 1.- One hand (SH), 2. – Two hands (DH), 3. – Beginners and casting for kids.

You could find:
– Designing and developing gear conferences,
– Gear show and test,
– Casting Competition,
– Fishing Demos on stream and lake,
– International participation,
– Caster Intensive beer launch – Muscaricilor Club new beer .

The event was part of Romanian Fly Fishing Federation (FRPMA) calendar.

Brands in the event:
Sexyloops, Zimsen, Karpen FlyFishing, Loop, ECHO, Evil Fly, Barrio, S1waterbike.

Official Partner of Clubul Muscaricilor Timisoara: Clinica de Bere – the Caster Platin and Gold beer producer.

To notice:
1. Premiere – 6 accredited casting instructors at one event in Romania, 4 MCI and THCI, from UK, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia si Romania.
2. Premiere – first Romanian accredited EFFA instructor Paul Sas from Cluj.
3. Premiere – first CBOG IFFF in Romania, Lasse Karlsson from Denmark, member in Board of Governors, International Federation of Fly Fishers.
4. Premiere – a night casting session with Luminous line from Sexyloops, coordinated by Paul Arden (Sexyloops).
5. 5 one hour casting demos, 12 workshops 2hours and a half each held in 3 sections ( beginners, single hand and double hand), 3 conferences about designing and developing gear and IFFF programs.
6. 2 brand launch in Romania: Zimsen from Sweden & Evil Fly from Serbia, rods and lines.
7. 6 brands in the event: ECHO (USA), Loop (Sweden), Barrio (UK), Sexyloops (UK), Karpen Fly-Fishing si S1waterbike (Romania)
8. 45 participants from Romania, Germany, Republic of Moldavia.
9. 2 Important meeting:
– working session in Romanian Fly Fishing Federation,
– working meeting between Clubului Muscaricilor from Timisoara and Fly Fishing Romania concerning the rehabilitation project of Riul Ses, Retezat.
10. Clubului Muscaricilor from Timisoara new beer launch: Caster Intensive, exclusively produced by Clinica de Bere din Timisoara for our club event.

3 intense days, that bring Romania on the international casting map, the event is considered by instructors as a top event.

Partners: Crama Ferdi, Alsa Skog, BN Business, Mopeka Impex, Data Group Int, Ceradez, Ideatm, MMC.


The inflatable model at Muscarici Casting Day edition 4-th


Discussion around the inflatable prototype

We had a nice meeting with Sasa Zec EFFA CI and Vladimir Glamocak SWISS CDC Team Member in Timisoara March 24-th 2013 with the Muscarici Casting Day edition 4-th event. Despite a very could day, with temperatures between 0 and +4 Celsius degrees, we could show and talk about the S1waterbike inflatable model. Sasa that has a 115 kg weight want’s to try the inflatable model on a small pond on the Timis river shore.

He did some casting in strong wind and he wants to test the model further. He actually tried a 2 years old model that is used for rough testing in the area.

So, no nice looking, new items and clean and shiny surfaces, just function and maneuverability!


It was a nice day, dedicated to FF, with a lot of casting demo, workshop and clinic, with a nice flytying demo held by Vlada in the Evian’s Restaurant. Details on on blog section.

An incredible beautiful fishing autumn


Rough testing of the inflatable model

Several days of flyfishing on Timis river with the inflatable model given me the opportunity to test them in a hard way. I wanted to see if I can get the same effect in fishing as the fiberglass ones, the same cloaking in fishing, specially for the sight fly fishing. The weather was warm and sunny, and most big chubs where just under the water surface looking for some insects.

The results starts to appear right away, nice chubs start to strike. Drilling with the S1waterbike wasn’t a problem, I could follow all their movements without forcing the tippet ( 0,14 ). The inflatable floats work nice. The only problem I encountered was the wind stability; the wind moved me in unwanted directions, getting too close to fishing areas. But, pedaling upstream all the time, somehow I could compensate it.

In several hours, I landed 14 chubs between 1 kilo and 2 kilos – thats more than nice for Timis river.

Last friday I manage to land the biggest Lugojana ( a sub species of chub with a smaller mouth and more like a carp that leaves in numbers, and grows in bigger size ) in several years. All with my Loop Opti Creek #3 rod.

The bad news is that the Czech company that can produce the floats, moves so slowly that I have to find another solution or as quick as possible another producer.

The actual floats are mono chamber, and I want to develop a twin chamber model for user safety. In the case that one chamber is deflated/broken in usage, the other one can held the waterbike in use.

So unfortunately for those reasons, we have to delay the launch of the second model.

Some preview on the second model


Days of testing

All those days we are working hard on the next model on S1waterbike, the model 2. The new model will bring bigger floats for maximum carried weight up to 150 – 170 Kg, made from PDE, and a new frame developed in a “H” form. So in our developing program, the S1waterbike will be available for heavier fishermen, with improved stability front and back, same maneuverability and just a little less speed in fast pedaling.

The total size will be 210 x 150 cm and the floats high will be 45 cm.

The image shows the maneuverability test on Bega river with the basic floats form.

We hope to be ready with this mode at the and of April.

Soon will talk about inflatable pontoons and the adapted fixing pieces for the X frame.

So, the 2011 will bring the heavy weight floats and the inflatable pontoons for S1watebike

Will keep you informed with the new-ties

The S1waterbike was tested by Thomas Berggren and Veljko Andric on Zetea lake

zetea142 zetea156

The S1waterbike was tested by Thomas Berggren and Veljko Andric on Zetea lake

On 14-17 october 2010 with the occasion of Fly Fishing Days – Zetea, an event organized by Clubul Muscaricilor Timisoara and local partners, Thomas Berggren – Loop Pro Staff, FFF – THCI, MCCI, Lilla Malma Fishery Sweden and Veljko Andric EFFA CI Serbia, had the opportunity to test the S1waterbike on Zetea lake. Together with the developer Tudor Vreme and the producers ABC Systems, they had some new models on testing and a 3 years old used model, to see the endurance of the product.

They did a lot of casting from it and they where pleased with the product. Details you can find on Thomas interview and above Veljko’s feedback.

Thomas had an interview at Fishing & Hunting Channel, where he was amazed by the possibilities that S1waterbike can give you on fishing – the interview is online on our web page.

Their impression was very good, they see a future for this product and they are looking forward to test it more.

The filming team we had from Fishing and Hunting TV Channel on that event ask us for a S1waterbike that they need to use future filmings. We agree to make a collaboration with the future model of S1waterbike with inflatable floats.

Veljko Andric:

The first time I tried a S1waterbike was in Zetea – Romania. I was fishing with S1 one day.

My impressions: Easy to use, easy to transport and install, efficient, the fisherman is out of the water (a big plus), everything is clean and elegant (as all the fly fishing), the most important detail is that the fisherman both hands are free for fly casting. Definitely it is something special.

I think that is very useful on the lakes, pounds and slow water. I ‘ll take one in the future. I have a boat but this is definitely something special. I would not have change anything on it, definitely in my taste.

Pedaling on Bega river, seeking new places


Pedaling on Bega in a bright Sunday morning

On Sunday morning I start to search a new area for fly fishing on Bega river. I drove from Timisoara to Belint for arround 45 Km, and than I left the road on the left side to a country road that goes to Balint. This road pass the Timis river adduction channel to Bega, and than in the upper part of Bega starts a wild and nice place for fishing. I start to cast my flies and even if I didn’t  had big catches, I manage to have some nice chubs at wet flies.

The place is awesome, and is nice for pedaling, bird watching, or for a leisure time in wild nature, for fishing is a paradise, and even if you catch nothing, the place has a huge potential.

So I shot some images with this area that I want you to show. please enjoy