Monthly Archives: November 2009

Pedaling on Bega river, seeking new places


Pedaling on Bega in a bright Sunday morning

On Sunday morning I start to search a new area for fly fishing on Bega river. I drove from Timisoara to Belint for arround 45 Km, and than I left the road on the left side to a country road that goes to Balint. This road pass the Timis river adduction channel to Bega, and than in the upper part of Bega starts a wild and nice place for fishing. I start to cast my flies and even if I didn’t  had big catches, I manage to have some nice chubs at wet flies.

The place is awesome, and is nice for pedaling, bird watching, or for a leisure time in wild nature, for fishing is a paradise, and even if you catch nothing, the place has a huge potential.

So I shot some images with this area that I want you to show. please enjoy