An incredible beautiful fishing autumn


Rough testing of the inflatable model

Several days of flyfishing on Timis river with the inflatable model given me the opportunity to test them in a hard way. I wanted to see if I can get the same effect in fishing as the fiberglass ones, the same cloaking in fishing, specially for the sight fly fishing. The weather was warm and sunny, and most big chubs where just under the water surface looking for some insects.

The results starts to appear right away, nice chubs start to strike. Drilling with the S1waterbike wasn’t a problem, I could follow all their movements without forcing the tippet ( 0,14 ). The inflatable floats work nice. The only problem I encountered was the wind stability; the wind moved me in unwanted directions, getting too close to fishing areas. But, pedaling upstream all the time, somehow I could compensate it.

In several hours, I landed 14 chubs between 1 kilo and 2 kilos – thats more than nice for Timis river.

Last friday I manage to land the biggest Lugojana ( a sub species of chub with a smaller mouth and more like a carp that leaves in numbers, and grows in bigger size ) in several years. All with my Loop Opti Creek #3 rod.

The bad news is that the Czech company that can produce the floats, moves so slowly that I have to find another solution or as quick as possible another producer.

The actual floats are mono chamber, and I want to develop a twin chamber model for user safety. In the case that one chamber is deflated/broken in usage, the other one can held the waterbike in use.

So unfortunately for those reasons, we have to delay the launch of the second model.