Filming Platform

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S1 waterbike a perfect personal Filming platform.
Whether looking for that special nature footage or want to shoot using complex movements, S1 waterbike can provide a suitable individual platform for you.

S1 waterbike has successfully acted as a platform for charter to a number of professions such as:
film production
survey work and photography

In the past one of the biggest issues for any film operator or photographer was the freedom of move, as they need, well we can provide you with a fast, safe and steady water-bike for your shoot, with free-hands steering, sharp maneuverability, swift movements.

Examples of professional charters include:
Filming platform for wildlife documentaries
Filming platform for fishing or travel features
Platform for professional photographers

Our water-bikes are fast and extremely maneuverable, getting you the best footage available, whilst offering a comfortable seating and shooting session.

Dan Curean interview – cameraman at Romanian TV broadcasting Cluj, taken in august 2007 with the occasion of filming two days in Herculane area for Nature and Adventure TV Show on TVR2.

Tudor Vreme:
As a TV cameraman and TV pro, you filmed from S1 waterbike two days, what is your impression about it?

Dan Curean:
This is not the first time that I shoot in extreme conditions for fishing or hunting TV shows, but after two days, my impression is very good, I moved freely and I filmed as I want, pedaling. I do a lot of traveling, I surrounded my subjects having a very good stability and filmed in the mean time, normally you can’t do this.
So this water bike is not only very good for fishing.

Tell me what are the minuses you find on that water bike?

From my point of view, as one that I use the water bike for a specific reason, I missed some accessories for storing my tapes and batteries, and some other tools, the other thing
is a small instability on forth direction, in the rest is absolutely OK.

Would you like to use it again for other shootings on lakes and rivers?

Yes, off course I would. It is an option at I couldn’t think of before.

…Cause you use normally a very small team, at minimum possible…

Usually, as a cameraman you can’t care of your moves, practically I seat in a boat, or any thing else, or on the shore, and others have to pull me in the position, or do the thrust. That system is not productive and it slowdown all the action for a good shot. With this water bike it is not a problem, you can move as you want and filming in the same time,, everyone do their own jobs, and you do your own. I can go where and when I want, and quick enough.
So for filming this water bike gives you an advantage unknown till now, for me.