Special care

All parts are designed for minimum weight and must be handed with care. This will help keep the water-bike in good condition.
Please drive with care in shallow waters area where there are rocks or other underwater obstacles.
If the propeller becomes clogged with vegetation or mud, please do not use force to clear it. This could damage the gears and require them to be replaced. Use the pedal system joint for raising the pedal system into the below chair position, take the pedal system out and clean it.


The waterbike is delivered with the float carrying rack. This support was designed to be used also for storing the floats in confined spaces fixing the floats on the wall.

The other parts must be stored in a dry place.

The body structure central joint must be left loose and not tightened.


Mechanical parts should be greased once in two years, and checked for problems in the gearbox for water intrusion.

Spare parts:

The manufacturer can provide spear parts by order. Gear parts, ball bearings, insulation ring, and tools for setting the right distance between components.


Only the waterbike’s pedal power system requires servicing.

In the upper part, the gearbox may need adjusting if the gears become loose.

A full service manual can be provided if required.